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What makes our school great?


The Rudyard Christian School provides a quality Christ-centered (non-denominational) education for children in elementary school. With an almost unheard of teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, each child is able to receive one-on-one as well as group instruction.


Visit our school, and you will find happy students who are eager to learn. You might see older students reading with younger students or a student’s family member volunteering. You will be amazed at the creativity of the children when you see their artwork displayed all over the school or read the reports that they have written in their free time.


If you were to ask the children their favorite thing about school, one answer is sure to be the most common: recess! At Rudyard Christian School, we believe that children need time and freedom to move and to be creative. Between instructional periods, they are given ample time throughout the day to play and to socialize.


Check us out on Facebook or come visit and see for yourself what makes this school great. Please email to set up an appointment.

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10702 W. 17 Mile Rd.

Rudyard, MI 49780

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