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Christian Education

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It is our belief that God has made Himself known in the Bible and in the world that He created and now sustains and governs by His almighty power and unchanging law. We believe that the Bible teaches that God has established a special relationship and 
covenant with Christians. By a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, Christians participate in the special relationship with God in all aspects of their lives.
We also believe that there is a close connection between this covenant relationship and the education of our children. Christian parents bear the responsibility of instructing their children in God’s truth that touches every realm, sphere, and activity of life. We believe that the Rudyard Christian School is an extension of Christian homes, and therefore, is dedicated to educating the children of Christian parents from this perspective.


Our purpose is to confront students with the important realities of life so that they may learn how to evaluate them in the light of the eternal principles taught in the Bible. At the Rudyard Christian School, we seek to uphold the discipline and values of the Christian home. Students attending are required to obey rules that we believe are in harmony with rules found in well-ordered Christian homes. The Rudyard Christian School is open to students from homes where Christ is honored. Our purpose is not to serve as an alternative to public schools, nor to serve those students whose parents are dissatisfied with the public schools. We wish to be a school of “first choice” for those parents desiring to provide their children with a Christ-centered education. 


The basis of instruction for the Rudyard Christian School is to provide: 1. A basic education for students at the elementary level. 2. An education in an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline. 3. A biblical focus not available in public schools.

School Board

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President Vice President Secretary    Treasurer      Support      Support   

John Rogers

(June 2025)

Lauren Berkompas

(June 2026)

Beth English

(June 2027)

Ilsa VanSloten

(June 2026)

Jodie Postma

(June 2027)

Kathleen VanSloten

(June 2025)

* The property, affairs, and business of the school shall be managed by the Board. The Board may exercise all the powers of the school. 

* The board will consist of 6 people, elected by the North Rudyard Christian School Society members. A majority of the board, being 2/3, must consist of members from the Christian Reformed Church. Anyone  may be considered for election or appointment to the Board. 

* Elected trustees shall serve a term of 3 years, with 2 members rotating in/out each year. 

* After each election, positions may be re-voted and changed from year to year. It is possible to hold a different position in each year of your term.


Inquiries for the school can be emailed to the administrative assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Teachers

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Lisa Pyle (Grades K-2)




Arthur Brood (Grades 3-5)

  Arthur Brood is a veteran educator with more than 30 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Grace College in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree from Northern Michigan University in School Administration. He began his teaching career in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1991 where he taught for 31 years before retiring in 2022. His years of teaching experience have developed talents that extend beyond the classroom walls.  In 2015 he was awarded both the Annette and Jim McConnell History Educator Award and the 2015 Michigan Council for the Social Studies Elementary Teacher of the Year.  He has presented at state and national conferences, and has worked as a Teacher Ranger with Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Upon his retirement from Sault Schools he worked at Lake Superior State University as an adjunct faculty member teaching education courses and overseeing student teachers. However, his passion is teaching upper elementary students and he returned to the classroom at Rudyard Christian School in January of 2023.

    In addition to teaching he found time to write three historical fiction children’s books based on the early automobile, The Mud Hole and The Snow Car, and Bud: My Adventure Across America. He sometimes refers to himself as “Author Arthur” and has presented to thousands of students across the state.  His books have given him opportunities to be a regular presenter with Macomb County ISD through the Author, Specialist, Knowledge (ASK) program as well as to schools across the state.

    Outside his involvement in education, Arthur serves as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee for Kinross Township. He is also an accomplished hobby photographer with an interest in scenery and classic cars.  He loves road trips and has visited 49 states (Alaska is planned for 2025) with a focus on National Parks and out of the way locations. 

    Arthur and his wife, Karen, have two adult daughters.  They reside on 40 acres of maple hardwoods in the UP of Michigan.

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