School Board

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John Rogers

(June 2024)

Lauren Berkompas

(June 2025)

Beth Ortiz

(June 2024)

Ben English

(June 2024)

Ilsa VanSloten

(June 2025)

Kathleen VanSloten

(June 2025)

* The property, affairs, and business of the school shall be managed by the Board. The Board may exercise all the powers of the school. 

* The board will consist of 6 men and/or women, elected by the North Rudyard Christian School Society members. A majority of the board, being 2/3, must consist of members from the Christian Reformed Church. Anyone  may be considered for election or appointment to the Board. 

* Elected trustees shall serve a term of 2 years, with 3 members rotating in/out each year. Appointed trustees shall serve 1-year terms, but may be re-appointed for up to 5 consecutive years.

* After each election, positions may be re-voted and changed from year to year. It is possible to hold a different position in each year of your term.


Inquiries for the school can be emailed to the administrative assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.