Christian Education

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It is our belief that God has made Himself known in the Bible and in the world that He created and now sustains and governs by His almighty power and unchanging law. We believe that the Bible teaches that God has established a special relationship and 
covenant with Christians. By a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, Christians participate in the special relationship with God in all aspects of their lives.
We also believe that there is a close connection between this covenant relationship and the education of our children. Christian parents bear the responsibility of instructing their children in God’s truth that touches every realm, sphere, and activity of life. We believe that the Rudyard Christian School is an extension of Christian homes, and therefore, is dedicated to educating the children of Christian parents from this perspective.


Our purpose is to confront students with the important realities of life so that they may learn how to evaluate them in the light of the eternal principles taught in the Bible. At the Rudyard Christian School, we seek to uphold the discipline and values of the Christian home. Students attending are required to obey rules that we believe are in harmony with rules found in well-ordered Christian homes. The Rudyard Christian School is open to students from homes where Christ is honored. Our purpose is not to serve as an alternative to public schools, nor to serve those students whose parents are dissatisfied with the public schools. We wish to be a school of “first choice” for those parents desiring to provide their children with a Christ-centered education. 


The basis of instruction for the Rudyard Christian School is to provide: 1. A basic education for students at the elementary level. 2. An education in an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline. 3. A biblical focus not available in public schools.